Meet our Instructor

Jeremy Chou

Jeremy Chou is a fine art film wedding photographer based out of Southern California, and documents weddings all over the world.  In 10 years, Jeremy has documented well over 200 weddings worldwide.  he has also positioned himself as one of the most sought after photographers in the wedding industry and has also taught workshops in Asia, Europe, and all over United States. He received a bachelor’s degree in architecture, and he has expertly incorporated the use of light, shadow, volume, and composition to create visually striking images for his clients.   His work has also been seen in all major popular wedding blogs and print magazines all over the world.

In his workshop, “Curating a Recognizable Brand” he will share how he has been able to carve out a niche as a Creative in a highly competitive market. He will share how he has been able to remain true to himself as an artist, while creating a recognizable brand that attracts affluent clients that are drawn to his work.

“Photographs are part of our human legacy, and an instrument to document our existence.”