Meet our Instructor

Bree Poort

Born and raised in Southern California, it was at a young age in that Bree Poort cultivated her love for the ocean, surfing, and art. When the time came, Bree made her way across the Pacific to join the art program at Brigham Young University of Hawaii (BYU-H). Graduating with a degree in Graphic Design, provided her the opportunity to see and understand myriad forms of art and design. Inspired by the shoreline of beautiful North Shore, Oahu, Bree began painting with resin in her second to last semester of college. Since 2016, Bree has created more than 300 pieces that have been exhibited in galleries and cafes, as well as placed in homes internationally. Bree also became a certified yoga instructor (RYT 200) in November 2010. After moving to Hawaii, Bree initiated many new classes in beautiful locations around the island. Bree finds a similarity between teaching yoga and art, she says, “For me teaching yoga is like painting a picture, but with the whole entire class. My intention is to polish off that painting, that class, by the last pose. I want to make sure everything’s flowing in a direction they want to take.” She sees yoga and painting equally as meditative processes as physical.