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With decades of combined experience in creative entrepreneurial fields and leadership positions, we at Crosby + Jon are thrilled to bring together Camaraderie Retreats, which focuses on healing and inspiring creatives. We host our retreats in secluded destinations, where the goal is to help guests hit the reset button and achieve personal growth. Wellness activities, including yoga and meditation, that engage the body and mind to promote emotional/physical health and self-awareness. One will also experience individual and group coaching on personal goals and have plenty of hands-on creative playtime. Whatever the creative field, all attendees will have many avenues to expand their artistic soul.

Who are these
retreats for?

// Those wanting to awaken their inner artist
// Individuals seeking personal growth
// People needing to strengthen (or start!) self-care and wellness practice
// People who are experiencing a major life change
// Those who lead stressful day-to-day lives
// Entrepreneurs (or inspiring entrepreneurs)
// Professionals and Leaders
// Anyone in need of a mental and physical refresh

Creative Wellness Retreat Highlights

// Renowned Speakers
// Creative Workshop and Play
// Yoga
// Meditation
// Private Excursions
// Spa Treatments
// Delicious and Healthy Cuisine
// Business and Brand Coaching